Michigan-Based Entrepreneur Peter Vitale Lends Advice For Business Development

As a small business owner, what do you typically do on a daily basis? Are there any methods you implement to ensure that you stay on task?

You mentioned that you create bespoke development plans for each insurance company that you work with. How do you develop successful strategies?

What processes and productivity hacks would you recommend to other entrepreneurs and business professionals?

What advice would you give fledgling entrepreneurs and business owners?

What habits do you find professionally meaningful? How would you recommend that other entrepreneurs adopt these habits into their daily lives?

Why and how do you think that contemplating ideas can bring success?

When it comes to customer service versus sales numbers, which is more important?

You mentioned relying on organizational apps to keep you on track professionally. What other tech do you utilize regularly, and recommend for other professionals?

Are there any business-related books that you have found to be useful for your entrepreneurial journey?

As an Insurance Consultant, how did you master the skills needed to help struggling insurance agencies flourish?



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